Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Better ULS Log File Viewer

While analyzing SharePoint ULS logs I felt the need for a better ULS log viewer. With more capabilities than the existing ones 1, 2. I don't like them. They are either old, look ugly or don't provide the capabilities I need.

Time to create a better one. Time for Heu's ULS Viewer.

I will provide more information soon.
Update - Download Heu's ULS Viewer here.
Until then here are some teaser screenshots:

Main View
Main view of Heu's ULS Viewer

  1.  Support for multiple log files
    • file contents will be concatenated
    • Drag & Drop support
    • fast log file parsing
  2. Extended filtering capabilities
    • decide in which of the columns you want to filter
    • two different filter types; you can choose to include items matching your search term, or to exlude items matching it
  3. Grid view of all log entries
    • sort by clicking column header
    • fast sorting even for large data sets
    • select multiple rows and copy them to clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C (good for quickly pasting them to a mail or support ticket)
  4. Detailed display of selected log entry
    • multi-line log entries are merged to one
    • proper formatting of stack traces

Visualization of message count over time

Visualizing SharePoint ULS log messages provides a general survey you don't easily get when looking at the raw log data. For now there are two series: one for the overall log message count (in blue) and one for the log messages with level "Unexpected" (in red).

The diagrams respect your current filters.

That's all for today. I hope you are as excited as I am. Stay tuned for more!


  1. I really wonder why you haven't coded the viewer in Delphi - just to keep your excellent Delphi skills up an running

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  3. Good to know that you are such an ULS expert. From now on I 'll pass all of our support tickets to you... :-P

    1. With ULS Viewer anybody can be an ULS expert! ;)